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Welcome to your website HUNAB

We are a private non-profit organization with 19 years of experience, dedicated to an excellent environmental education, we are hotbed of environmental leaders. Our teaching is based on the 17 "mondambientes", rules to be ordered in the Grandmother Earth...

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We Are

We are a civilian association whose mission is to ensure the sustainable development of Mayan communities with a unique and fun method of integrated environmental education, empowering children, ensuring generations of social and environmental entrepreneurs leaders.

What Do We Do

We work mainly to train children to be Heroes and Heroines of Granny Earth. We have developed four main lines of action: the development of methodologies for fun and excellent environmental education, Diploma achievement for children and young instructors, and we are building the park HUNAB- Pentandra Ceiba (the first global center of excellence in environmental education).

Our Philosophy

Promote a new culture in which from early age and understanding our social commitment, we raise the quality of life in the regions, with the Hunab method: proven, replicable and adaptable to each context.


Environmental Twist

Maya Apple Snail

PREDECON donated us an environmental library

The Ecological Merit Prize goes to HUNAB's founder

Line of Action 1

Development of methodologies and materials for an excellent environmental education

To improve the environmental education condition we must have tools that allow parents, teachers and instructors to impart an excellent environmental education in a fun and clearly way. So we have developed games, stories, crafts and education plans according to the age of each participant.

Line of Action 1

Line of Action 2

Excellent environmental education, diplomas and workshops

To put into action our educational plans we encourage ongoing opportunities of excellent environmental education with children and youth instructors in different communities.

Programs and services:

· Semester Diploma of excellent environmental education in communities with children and youth instructors

· Training courses for children and youth instructors

· Training courses for environmental instructors (training for external companies or institutions)

· Workshop on sustainable aquaculture with native species

Line of Action 2

Line of Action 3

Sustainable development, aquaculture of the Mayan Apple Snail

To activate local economies we promote the sustainable aquaculture program, providing infrastructure and training.

Programs and services:

· Program for the Yucatecan communities in sustainable aquaculture through training and infrastructure, the families begin a process of achievement of experience to generate extra income for their families.

· Marketing of aquatic plants, fish, freshwater snails and crafts products of the program, the revenues generated directly benefit the families involved.

Line of Action 3

Line of Action 4

Ceiba Pentandra Park, excellent environmental education center

Educational strategy that seeks to be an ally of our country educational system, high performance center for the training of environmental leaders. Brings together the expertise of 19 years.

This excellent environmental education center currently has 30% of its infrastructure developed, services and educational strategies will gradually be added at the same time we continue to find godparents determined to be sowers of "Ceiba pentandra" and adhere achieve 100% of the facilities. At that level we could attend more than 64 thousand students per year, to be precise 50% of the Yucatan student population in 5 years.

Line of Action 4