We are a private non-profit organization with 19 years of experience, dedicated to an excellent environmental education, we are hotbed of environmental leaders. Our teaching is based on the 17 "mondambientes", rules to be ordered in the Grandmother Earth.

Who is or what is the Grandmother Earth??

Mother Earth is now a grandmother, because many years have passed ... her veins are the rivers and are polluted or drying; her lungs are the forests and jungles which are sick and could disappear ... but the children are those that are most closely related to our Grandmother Earth, that’s why they are the main heroes to strengthen the harmony between living things.

What is the problem we seek to solve??

The lack of an excellent environmental education. Erroneously it is called environmental education to the outreach efforts of environmental issues. Instead, environmental education is an education and training process, which prepares each person to live orderly in their environment, so the true environmental education should be based on a continuous educational system or plan.

What are the factors that are in this precarious situation the development of an excellent environmental education?

The lack of methods and materials for environmental education, lack of education plans for teaching an environment and sustainable development in the way we learn Spanish or math to name one example, the lack of educational infrastructure and the maturity of the sector.

Why is an excellent environmental education so important in the formation of the new generations?

For the values of respect for life, philanthropy and social harmony from an early age that we should acquire, in this way we are ensuring that our society has a hotbed of future honest leaders committed to Grandmother Earth.

Our Mission

Ensure the sustainable development of communities through integrated environmental education.

Our Vision

Promote a new culture in which for early age and understanding our social commitment, we raise the quality of life of our communities.

Our Values





Thank You For Your Donations

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