Our lines of action

1 Development of methods and materials for environmental education

We seek to improve the environmental education, so we have tools that
allow parents, teachers and instructors to impart an excellent environmental education.

Programs and services:

Educational guides (games, stories, crafts, and educational plans).
Internal processes to generate new games, stories and crafts with the direct participation of children and adolescents.

2 An excellent environmental education, courses and workshops
To put into action our plans we encourage ongoing educational
opportunities for an excellent environmental education for children and
young instructors in different communities.

Programs and services:
Semester Diplomas of an excellent environmental education in communities, teachers and children.
Training courses for children and youth instructors,
Training courses for environmental instructors (training for external companies or institutions)

3 Workshop on sustainable aquaculture with native species
Sustainable development, aquaculture
To activate local economies we promote sustainable aquaculture program,
providing infrastructure and training.

Programs and services:
Program for the Yucatecan communities in sustainable aquaculture through training and infrastructure, the families begin a process of achievement of experience to generate extra income for their families.
Marketing of aquatic plants, fish, freshwater snails and crafts products of the program, the revenues generated directly benefit the families involved.

4 Ceiba Pentandra Park, excellent environmental education center
Educational strategy that seeks to be an ally of our country educational
system, high performance center for the training of environmental leaders.
Brings together the expertise of 20 years.
This excellent environmental education center currently has 40% of its infrastructure developed, services and educational strategies will gradually be added at the same time we continue to find godparents determined to be sowers of "Ceiba pentandra" and adhere achieve 100% of the facilities. At that level we could attend more than 64 thousand students per year, to be precise 50% of the Yucatan student population in 5 years.

Facilities with which we already have:
Parking, Offices, Premises, Bathrooms, 5 palapas, Palapa labyrinth of the water culture.

2017 buildings under construction
Environmental specialized library
School Lab
A biodiversity museum

Main facilities that we still need to find allies to build:

An Interactive Flora Museum
Open Air Theatre
Bedrooms and dining room (for foreign students)

Programs and services running now.
Graduates of environmental education for children
Summer courses
Training courses for environmental instructors
Vegetables in our gardens
Aquaculture ponds (fish, aquatic plants and freshwater snails)

Programs and services that will be added:
Grandparents of Grandmother Earth
School tours
School Campgrounds (4-5° primary, 1° secondary)
Tours for groups with special needs
Traditional courses (vegetables, compost, gardening, pet care, ect)
Educational strategies

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