Mujeres en Acción from GWIM 43 visited HUNAB

“Mujeres en Acción” is an international volunteer network whose mission is to strengthen the institutional capacities of Latin American social organizations, enabling them to achieve greater sustainability and efficiency in their management. 

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Currently the network is conformed up of 26 women leaders from 6 LA countries: Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico; Who participated in the Global Women in Management  Program (GWIM 63) promoted by Plan Internacional USA and carried out from October 19 to November 13, 2015. 

In October 2016, volunteers traveled to Merida in order to work together with HUNAB, which was the first organization to benefit from the volunteer project.

HUNAB is a non-profit Mexican organization whose mission is to ensure the sustainable development of Yucatecan Maya communities through comprehensive environmental education. One of its strategic lines is to work with women in the recovery of native species through productive and sustainable practices such as the Maya apple snail and freshwater aquaculture.

The methodology used in the activities to be carried out during the visit to HUNAB is highly participative, its objective is to facilitate an intensive respectful intervention in the Maya culture communities, and in parallel, to allow experiential learning for volunteers through the exchange of experiences.

The project focused on two main activities:

• A training workshop that will work together with the Maya women in the HUNAB program to improve their knowledge, skills and skills on business planning concepts.

• A networking day to share experiences with local organizations through a dynamic meeting that will provide information about the institutional strengthening of civil society organizations, in relation to themselves and in relation to the other actors in their network.


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